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warning adj : serving to warn; "shook a monitory finger at him"; "an exemplary jail sentence" [syn: admonitory, cautionary, exemplary, monitory, warning(a)]


1 a message informing of danger
2 cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger) [syn: admonition, monition, word of advice]

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  1. The action of the verb to warn; an instance of warning someone.
  2. Something spoken or written that is intended to warn.
    The boss gave him a warning that he would be fired if he did not desist from his behaviour.


instance of warning someone
something spoken or written that is intended to warn


  1. Used to warn of danger in signs and notices.


warning of danger in signs

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admonishing, admonition, admonitory, advice, advising, advisory, advocacy, alerting, augural, blackmail, briefing, bulldozing, call, call for, caution, cautionary, cautioning, caveat, claim, clue, commination, consultation, consultative, consultatory, contribution, council, counsel, cue, demand, demand for, denunciation, determent, deterrence, deterrent, didactic, direction, directive, draft, drain, duty, empty threat, exaction, exemplary, exhortation, exhortative, exhortatory, expostulation, expostulative, expostulatory, extortion, extortionate demand, foreboding, forerunning, foreshadowing, foreshowing, foretokening, forewarning, frightening off, guidance, heavy demand, heavy with meaning, hint, hortation, hortative, hortatory, idea, idle threat, imminence, implied threat, imposition, impost, indent, indicative, insistent demand, instruction, instructive, intimidation, intuitive, levy, meaningful, menace, monition, monitorial, monitory, moralistic, nonnegotiable demand, notice, notificational, notifying, office, opinion, order, parley, passing word, pointer, preachy, precursive, precursory, predictive, prefigurative, preindicative, premonitory, presageful, presaging, prognostic, prognosticative, promise of harm, proposal, recommendation, recommendatory, remonstrance, remonstrant, remonstrative, remonstratory, requirement, requisition, rush, rush order, sententious, significant, steer, suggestion, sword of Damocles, talking out of, tax, taxing, thought, threat, threateningness, threatfulness, tip, tip-off, tribute, ultimatum, whisper
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